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Control of Maintained Documented Information (Internal)
Control of Maintained Documented Information (External)
Control of Retained Documented Information
Risk Identification, Evaluation and Control
Control of Nonconforming Outputs
External Customer Satisfaction Survey
Process Performance Monitoring and Measurement
Non-Conformity and Corrective Action
Services Complaints Handling
Regional Internal Quality Auditing
Management Review

QMS Planning
1 Operations Planning and Budgeting (including Planning for Program/Project Implementation)
2 Document Review and Provision of Comments/Recommendations
3 Rendition of Legal Opinion
4 Public Assistance and Complaints Handling Services (includes Conduct of Fact-Finding/Investigation)
5 Implementation of Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan, OP, COMELEC Decisions, Orders and Resolutions
6 LFP Projects Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (Infrastructure Projects)
7 Recruitment, Selection and Promotion
8 Leave Administration
9 Learning and Development Procedure
10 SPMS (Performance Rewarding and Development Planning, Performance Planning and Commitment, and Performance Review and Evaluation)
11 Processing and Payment of Claims (includes cashiering services)
12 Processing of Liquidation
13 Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
14 Management of Facilities
15 Provision of Vehicular Support Service
16 Maintenance of Vehicles
17 Disposal of Unserviceable Properties
18 Inventory of Fixed Assets, Supplies, Materials and Assets
19 Evaluation of Suppliers Performance
20 Procurement Process: Public Bidding
21 Procurement Process: Negotiated Procurement
22 Procurement Process: Direct Contracting
23 Procurement Process : Shopping
24 Procurement Process: PS-DBM
25 Inspection, Acceptance and Issuance of Deliveries
26 Records Management
27 Budget Proposals Preparation
28 Preparation and submission of Financial and Accountability Reports (includes Preparation of Status of Funds Reports, NCA Utilization, Performance Monitoring Report, Status of NCA, Monthly Status of Funds)
29 Processing of Death Benefit Claims for Deceased Barangay Officials
30 Issuance of Certificate of Incumbency to Barangay Officials
31 Review of LGU GAD Plan and Budget Procedure
32 Conduct of Training, Coaching and Mentoring
33 Learning and Development for External Clients
34 Endorsement of the LGU’s Request for the Issuance of Certificate of Compliance to Full Disclosure Policy (FDP)
35 Endorsement of LGU Request for Issuance of GFH Certificate
36 Endorsement of Application for Scholarship Grants/Study Leave of Local Government Officials and Employees
37 Training Program and Activity Design Procedure
38 Endorsement of LGU requests for Issuance of Authority to Purchase Vehicles
39 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Assessment Procedure 
40 Provision of Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) Subsidy Procedure
41 Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Award (LTIA) Assessment Procedure
42 Monitoring and Evaluation of LGU Compliance to Local Governance Policies
43 Provision of Technical Assistance on ICT Resources
44 Website Administration
Certificate on the Conduct of Internal Quality Audit
ISO Certification