The overarching goal of the Department of the Interior and Local Government is to enhance and upgrade the overall capabilities of the local government units in local governance, specifically along the areas of income generation and resource mobilization; intensive and extensive community peacekeeping efforts; and quality public services delivery.


1. To increase the number of Local Government Units (LGUs) undertaking economic projects and activities that will enhance their fiscal resources, thus, alleviate the socio-economic standard of the communities;

2. To increase the number of LGUs adopting the Cluster approach to enable them to access micro-financing schemes of loaning institutions and make their products competitive in the open markets;

3. To expand the implementation of the BAYANIHAN SAVING PROJECT nationwide and to promote its doctrine that “without GOD, no success” and even the “poor can save.”

4. To ensure that all LGUs nationwide implement peacekeeping and public-safety measures by upgrading and mobilizing the Peace and Order Committees at all levels andimproving the proficiency of the Barangay Tanods;

5. To increase the number of LGUs that will engage in community-based emergency and rescue operations by installing local hotline response systems;

6. To ensure that all LGUs employ simplified rules and procedures in public transactions to demonstrate the concept of transparency and accountability in government;

7. To assist LGUs in adopting benchmarking practices to enable them to measure the improvement of their performance within a specified period;

8. To provide communities, especially the barangays, with greater access to updated and accurate information on government programs and services, thus establishing closer linkages between the national and local governments;

9. To encourage active participation of LGUs and the civil society in information dissemination and advocacy; curbing graft and corruption, illegal gambling, drugs and other forms of criminality; prevention and outbreak of deadly diseases in the country and public disorder;

10. To act as CATALYST in the task building a STRONG REPUBLIC.