February 25, 2022 – Four (4) Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces (CMGP)-funded projects of DILG MIMAROPA amounting to a total of P129,767,509.14 million was inaugurated in the Municipalities of Sta. Cruz and Torrijos, Province of Marinduque on 25 February 2022.

DILG MIMAROPA Regional Director Wilhelm M. Suyko, Project Development and Management Unit (PDMU) Chief Lorenzo F. Suarez, and DILG Marinduque Provincial Director German F. Yap represented the Department in the inauguration and turnover ceremonies of the provincial roads of Bonliw-Kay Duke, Tamayo-Tagum-Angas, and Matalaba-Pantayin-Banogbog.

Bonliw-Kay Duke Provincial Road

Left to right: SK President Rosales, DILG MIMAROPA PDMU Chief Suarez, PB Reyes, Board Member Angeles, Governor Velasco, RD Suyko, PD Yap, PB Grimaldo, and Board Member Pelaez during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Bonliw-Kay Duke Provincial Road inauguration

The inauguration of the Bonliw-Kay Duke provincial road in the Municipality of Torrijos was led by RD Suyko and Marinduque Governor Presbitero J. Velasco Jr., with the assistance of PB Myrna R. Grimaldo of Brgy. Kay Duke, PB Joel P. Rey of Brgy. Bonliw, and the Barangay Councils of Barangays Kay Duke and Bonliw.

              Left to right: SK President Rosales, PB Reyes, Board Member Angeles, Governor Velasco, PB Grimaldo, RD Suyko, PD Yap, and                                                                                                                Board Member Pelaez

After only 240 calendar days, the CMGP-funded road upgrading project amounting to P34,961,838.00 was completed on March 20, 2021 and stretches up to 1.96 kilometers covering both Brgy. Bonliw and Brgy. Kay Duke. The road upgrading/rehabilitation project benefits 1,583 residents of the municipality.

                                                         Upgraded Bonliw-Kay Duke Provincial Road in the Municipality of Torrijos

Barangay Tamayo PB Vivencio D. Rojo and 1st District Board Member Adeline Angeles gave the opening and closing messages respectively.

The turnover ceremony for the Matalaba-Pantayin-Banogbog provincial road in the Municipality of Sta. Cruz was also presided by RD Suyko, Governor Velasco, Sta. Cruz Municipal Mayor Antonio L. Uy, Jr., and Vice Mayor Geraldine M. Del Rosario, with the assistance of PB Nelson R. Gonzales of Brgy. Matalaba, PB Roberto R. Esplana of Brgy. Pantayin, PB Meliton V. Rolle of Brgy. Baguidbirin, PB Angel R. Romasanta of Brgy. Banogbog, as well as the barangay councils of the beneficiary barangays.

                             Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Upgrading/Rehabilitation of Matalaba-Pantayin-Banogbog Provincial Road

The project reached its completion on July 4, 2021, after only 214 calendar days of construction, and has since then benefitted 2,749 residents in the municipality. With a budget allocation of P35, 583, 363.00, the road rehabilitation covers 1.939 kilometers within the boundaries of Barangays Matalaba, Banogbog, Pantayin, Baguidbirin, and Devilla.



      In photo: Governor Velasco, Vice Mayor Del Rosario, and Board Member Angeles awards the ceremonial project Key to PB Gonzales,                                                                                    PB Esplana, PB Rolle, and PB Romasanta


                                                                   Upgraded Matalaba-Pantayin-Banogbog Provincial Road

The turnover ceremony was formally opened by the opening remarks of PB Gonzales and concluded with a message from Board Member Angeles.

On the same day, the inauguration of the Tamayo-Tagum-Angas and Tagum-Dapdap provincial roads were simultaneously conducted with the assistance of PB Vivencio D. Rojo of Brgy. Tamayo, PB Leopoldo R. Puente of Brgy. Tagum, PB Paterno V. Rosas of Brgy. Angas, and the Barangay Councils of the beneficiary barangays.

                                                Ceremonial Key Turnover to the Barangay Captains of the beneficiary barangays

The Tamayo-Tagum-Angas provincial road was funded at P45,014,400.18 and underwent 240 calendar days to reach its completion on March 20, 2021. As of today, it has benefitted 3,028 residents in the Municipality as it covers 2.779 kilometers of access roads. The road lies within the boundaries of Barangays Tamayo, Tagum, and Angas.

                                    Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Tamayo-Tagum-Angas and Tagum-Dapdap Provincial Roads

Meanwhile, the Tagum-Dapdap provincial road amounted to P14,207,907.96 and was completed on January 30, 2021, after 128 calendar days of road upgrading. The project stretches up to 1 kilometer and benefits 1,289 residents in the Barangays of Tagum and Dapdap.

                                                                     Upgraded Tamayo-Tagum-Angas Provincial Road

The turnover ceremony held at the Tamayo Barangay Hall commenced with the opening message of PB Rojo and concluded with the remarks from Board Member Angeles.

“Ang prinsipyo ng DILG na pagiging ‘Matino, Mahusay, at Maaasahang Kagawaran’ nawa ay masalamin din ng ating mga pamahalaang lokal upang ang kani-kanilang mga nasasakupang lokalidad ay patuloy na umunlad ang estado ng pamumuhay,” said RD Suyko in his inspirational message.

                         RD Suyko gave an inspirational message during the Matalaba-Pantayin-Banogbog Provincial Road inauguration

Governor Velasco also delivered a congratulatory message to the beneficiary barangays during the ceremonies, as he was accompanied by other local officials and representatives from the Provincial Government of Marinduque who served as witnesses of the project inaugurations. Also present in the activity are Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) President Buchi R. Rosales, and 1st District Board Members Adeline Angeles and John R. Pelaez.

The CMGP Program, formerly known as the KALSADA program, was financed by the General Appropriations Act since 2016 through the Local Government Support Fund. Said program has given not only better roads to provinces, but also initiated governance reforms and strengthened government processes of the LGUs with regards to Local Roads Management (LRM) and Public Financial Management (PFM), among others.

“Ang maunlad na bayan ay bunga ng matibay at masigasig na kanayunan,” RD Suyko reminded as he congratulated once more the beneficiary barangays in the Municipalities of Sta. Cruz and Torrijos. #


By: RIO III Karen Shayne C. Duarte