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             Our great nation has conquered adversities of various forms for the past decades. We have proven time and again our resiliency and capability to progress towards the future despite the fast-changing world we are in, while consistently making our mark among other nations even as a third-world country.

            As we enter a virtual age wherein technology plays a huge role in the continuity of the societal and economic operations in our daily lives, DILG MIMAROPA maintains utmost transparency and consistency in informing the public of the projects, programs, and activities being implemented by the Department in the region of MIMAROPA.

         The DILG MIMAROPA’s website provides a deeper insight into the works of DILG MIMAROPA in assisting the efforts of both the National Government and Local Government Units (LGUs) towards good governance. With this, we aim to give a sense of inclusivity to our Local Government Units (LGUs) and the citizenry in our advocacy of implementing extensive and factual information dissemination at all times.

              This portal is created with the intent to honor the Filipinos’ right to freedom of information, and for the citizens to have constant access to timely and relevant updates on the accomplishments and plans of the Government that serves them.

            May you enjoy getting to know DILG MIMAROPA as you venture with us on our journey through this website.