Pursuant to the Circular No. 2023-001 dated 06 January 2023 issued by SILG Benhur Abalos Jr., the DILG MIMAROPA adopts the enhanced DILG Mission, Vision, and Shared Values.


“The Department shall ensure peace and order, public safety and security, uphold excellence in local governance and enable resilient and inclusive communities”

(The key elements of the mission statement are the following:

1. The entire DILG family;

 2. Mandates and functions that relate to protecting the people from harm and threats to their safety and livelihood;

3. Supervisory and oversight functions of the DILG over local governments to enable them to carry out their mandates effectively, provide quality public service, and create a culture of accountability, transparency, and high performance;

4. All programs, projects, services, and other initiatives to ensure that communities are able to adapt to changes and withstand adverse situations; and

5. Full access to services and resources, and equal treatment and opportunities, to include engagement in decision-making processes, are provided to all people within a community.)


“A highly trusted Department and Partner in nurturing local governments and sustaining peaceful, safe, progressive, resilient, and inclusive communities towards a comfortable and secure life for Filipinos by 2040”

(The enhanced DILG Vision is a declaration of our purpose and aspirations as an organization, what we strive for and what we want to achieve in the future for the LGUs, communities, and the Filipino people.)


“Ang DILG ay Matino, Mahusay at Maaasahan”

(The Department’s Shared Values strive to encompass and complement the respective agency core values anchored on common values demonstrated across the DILG family, whether as an organization or as individuals.)