The Department of the Interior and Local Government Region  (MIMAROPA) invites bidders, to bid for:

Procurement of Laptop

Procurement of rental of brand-new laptop

Supplemental-BidBulletin-No. PB2022-01-01

Request For Quotation

ANNEX A of RFQ 045-2022-023

RFQ 2022-023 (PR 045) (Cubicle for DILG Marinduque)

Request For Quotation

RFQ 2022-024 (PR 052)

Request For Quotation

RFQ 2022-020 A (PR 038)

RFQ 2022-020 B (PR 038)

RFQ 2022-020 C (PR 038)

RFQ 2022-020 D (PR 038)

Request For Quotation Generator Set

RFQ 2022-16 (PR 024)

Request For Quotation Office Supplies

RFQ 2022-17 (PR 025)

RFQ 2022-18 (PR 026)

Request For Canvas

RFQ 2021-215 (ict)

RFQ 2021-210 (Office chair for FAD)

RFQ 2021-211B (ink)

RFQ 2021-211A (ict)

RFQ 2021-211C (Steel Cabinet)

RFQ 2021-212 (DC office chair)

Request For Printing of IEC

RFQ 2021-203 (Tarpaulin)

RFQ 2021-205 (Printing Brochure and Leaflet)

Request For Office Supplies Quotation

RFQ 2021-195 A (Common supplies)

RFQ 2021-196 F (Ink Toner)

RFQ 2021-182 (Ummbrella – extend)

Request For Quotation

RFQ 2021-162 (Umbrella)

RFQ 2021-176

Procurement of IEC for the DILG MIMAROPA’s advocacy campaign

RFQ for the implementation of DILG MIMAROPA’s advocacy campaign

Procurement of PPE

Supplemental/BID Bulletin

Invitation to BID procurement of PPE

Bidding Document for procurement of PPE

Procurement of Security Services

Request for Quotation Security Services

TOR Security Services

Procurement of Flyers and Pamphlet

Request for Quotation Flyers and Pamphlet

Procurement of Generator Set

Request for Quotation Genset

Procurement of Laptop and Document Camera

Request for Quotation Laptop

Request for Quotation Document Camera

Procurement of ICT Grant from LGA

Notice of Award ICT Equipment

Request for Quotation ICT Equipment

Procurement of ICT Equipment

Request for Quotation (Teleconference package)

Request for Quotation (Smart TV)

Request for Quotation (Scanner)

Request for Quotation (Desktop and Laptop)

Request for Quotation (Camera Lens)

Procurement of Petroleum

Request for Quotation

TOR for Petroleum

Procurement of Security Service

Notice of Award

Request for Quotation

TOR for Security Service

Procurement and Delivery of One (1) Unit Brand New Motor Vehicle FY 2020

Notice of Award

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No 03 Procurement and Delivery of 1 Unit Brand New Motor Vehicle FY 2020 (click the link)

Request for Quotation

BAC Resolution No. 1- 2020

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No 02 Procurement and Delivery of 1 Unit Brand New Motor Vehicle FY 2020 (click the link)

RN. 6673652 BID BULLETIN NO. 1 (click the link)

EPA-Procurement and Delivery of One (1) Unit Brand New Motor Vehicle FY 2020 (click the link)

Unserviceable IT/Office Equipment/Assorted office materials

Bidding documents (click the link)

Proposed Completion of Two Storey DILG Marinduque Provincial Office Building

Bidding documents (click the link)

Building specifications (click the link)

Bid Bulettin (click the link)

Bid Bulletin 2 (click the link)

Bid Bulletin 3 (click the link)

Revised Bill of Quantity (click the link)

Rebidding of Design & Build of the Proposed Construction of Three Storey Annex DILG Romblon Provincial Office (PO) Building:

Bidding document (click the link)